Your Safety. Your Rights. Today.

Every woman has an undeniable right to her own personal safety.

Here at the K.I.C.K. program, we are committed to providing you with excellent personal safety training, resources for preventing Identity Theft, building Safety Awareness, and much much more.

Created in 2003, the program is run by John Merced, a 27 year retired veteran Detective Lieutenant and an 8th degree black belt in GojuRyu karate, and Jerry Burgos, a detective with the Hazlet Police department for 19 years). 

Infused with their criminal justice knowledge and extensive background in the martial arts, the K.I.C.K. program focuses upon teaching women how to become aware of their surroundings and prepare themselves in case of an attack from a predator.

It is our goal to provide a realistic training program for women in order to instill the necessary confidence to survive an attack utilizing first avoidance and secondly if needed hands on self defense strikes.

We are willing to help organizations create their own classes and have provided classes for children and teenagers as well in the past.   Classes are free for non-profits; we can also tailor classes for private groups or corporations for a fee.

Contact us to see what we can do for you today.

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